Quality Control

Acquired ISO9001.
Ibaraki factory acquired international standard ISO 9001 about the design and manufacture of fire resistant safes in 2002.
We are continuously striving for improvement of quality control and supplying the products in stable quality.
JIS mark
Under the specifications of JIS-S-1037, “Audit of the quality control system of the manufacturing facility” and “Product conformity tests against JIS” are carried out by Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials.
Any products that satisfied the requirements of JIS-S-1037 are qualified to display JIS mark.
JIS certified products : NCS series
Fire & burglary resistant performance
We are the only company in safe industry who have the furnace for fire resistant test in own facility. It makes possible for us to examine “Standard Heating Test” in our factory before we undergo actual testing. Also, we are researching the new insulation material and fire resistant construction.
“Powder coating paint” applied with more than 90% of the total production of safe
When Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) is discharged into the atmosphere and water supply, it causes pollution, health impairment and sick house syndrome. Therefore, VOC discharge is regulated by law. Working on environmental problem, powder coating paint without VOC is applied with more than 90 % of our safe production.