Safe Manufacture and Technology

Safe maker technology accumulating
the know-how of fire-resistant & burglary
performance for over four decades
Eiko has been challenging every possibility with leading innovation & creativity and producing a variety of advanced products. The safe is evolving with time.
Advanced digital lock system development
Conventional safe lock was registered only one personal code for one manager. However, a large sized store and 24 hours convenience stores are increasing recently and safes are used by several managers in different time zone. Safe lock also must innovate to meet such a market environment.
We are developing the original new lock system that can register 10 different personal codes.
Audit Trail software development
We developed the original software that distinguish individual with PIN number, fingerprint authentication and IC chip, record the unlocking data (who & when) and forward the whole data to PC.
It is possible not only to prevent information leakage but also to make user’s record clear.
Special insulation material

We developed the special insulation material that provides a barrier against extreme heat. The data of media might be lost around 60℃. So, we use the special insulation material for the dual wall construction of Data Safe.

Fire-resistant performance of Data safe: 1-hour fire-resistance
Inner temperature: less than 52 ℃
Inner Humidity : 80%
※ Inner temperature of general fire resistant safe is less than 177 ℃.
The design of Wall safe
We imagined “Hide safe like movie”, developed Wall Safe that can be installed behind picture or book shelf in living room or bed room. By fitting with the standard wall thickness of housing construction, it can be installed without special order. No one see it only you know where it is.